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Crucifix for above altar, 1743, master Jacov Fedorov
Gospel Books. Eвангелие в окладе, 1772 год, Москва.

Casket for keeping "Russian paravda", various papers. 1853-58. F.Chopin's fabric or art bronze, master F.G. Solntsev
Cup of mitropolite Triphilius, 1699
Turkey, box- "kaptorga", 1612, silver, turquoise turkish
glass of wine for a Kiddush
Jewish utensils
Jewish utensils
Icon Christ Pantocrator. Russia, 17 c.
Deianira and Nessus. Silver, saphires, wood, hornm gilt, casting, chasing. Germany, Augsburg, early 18 c.
Earrings, France, 1st q. 19c, gold, pearls. Brooch, Venice (?), end 19-early 20 c.

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